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All You need to Know About Vices and Clamps

Vices and clamps are categorized as holding tools. They comprise a mechanical screw apparatus for holding or clamping a piece so that a worker may work upon it.


A clamp is a fastening apparatus used to hold or firmly attach objects together for preventing movement due to inward pressure. Clamps are widely used while working on wood and in construction processes.

There are many types of clamps meant for different applications but primarily they are distinguished as permanent or temporary clamps.

Temporary clamps are further classified as web, bar, jaw-style, C or G shaped and pipe clamps. There are also temporary clamps for holding things to bench tops and floor clamps used by carpenters for clamping floor boards before fixing. A set screw or a fully threaded screw inserted to prevent an inner object from moving in relative to an outer object is also a kind of a temporary clamp.

Examples of permanent clamps include hose clamp, a device used to seal a hose into a fitting and wire rope clamp for heavy duty clamping.


Vices can be small in size, hand-held or powered electrically as well as huge machine vices used in mills. Nearly all types of vices have two parallel jaws. One jaw is fixed while the other can be moved towards or away from the fixed jaw by a screw. Unless qualified otherwise, a vice refers to a bench vice that is normally attached to a workbench. These may be a woodworker’s bench vice or an engineer’s bench vice. The former is an integral part of the workbench while the latter is usually bolted onto the top of the bench.

Vices may be hand held and manually operated, powered machine vices, cross vices, off center vices, angle vices and die-makers vices. Compound slide vice is a complex apparatus that allows speed and precision. Machine or drill vices lie flat on a drill press bed and used in milling and grinding machines. Cross vices are used for drilling many holes in one work piece with the aid of a drilling press.

For woodworking, the jaws of vices are made from wood, plastic or metal. In metal vices, the jaws are normally faced with wood to avoid damage to wood. Metalwork vices are made from hardened steel with coarse gripping jaws.

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