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Paint Suppliers For Zimbabwe

If you are a painter by profession or simply need quality paints and painting supplies like scrapers and brushes for your home, it is important that you have the right tools that stand the test of time and meet quality standards. Given below is a concise list of the most commonly used painting supplies for home and/or office needs:


Getting the right paintbrush for any painting job is a must. Paintbrushes are available in many different sizes and vary from the 12 mm brushes to thick paintbrushes measuring 100 mm. Choose the size which is in accordance to your requirement- for example, small brushes are often used to paint small corners and door panels, while the larger ones are, of course, used to coat walls.


Before you begin any painting job, it is essential to first scrape off the paint that is already there (old paint). For this job, you’d need a scraper.


Once you have scraped off the old paint from your walls and other surfaces, you’d need to make use of crackfillers to fill in gaps and crevices in surfaces. These tools are utilized for many other repair jobs as well.


Before you commence any painting job, it is important to first select a good quality brand that offers you many different color and texture options. Also mandatory is the purchase of paint safety gear which would protect you from the harsh chemicals used in these paints. Common protective gears include the face shield and everyday overalls which prevent your clothes from getting stained.

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If you are in Zimbabwe and are in dire need of durable paints and paint accessories, you can buy the same from Robot Industrial Suppliers in South Africa. Apart from painting tools, Robot Industrial Suppliers also deals in affordable, genuine, and quality hand and power tools.

Take your pick from a wide range of branded industrial and everyday-use equipments like professional hand tools, pressure washers, industrial fasteners, paints, plumbing tools, welding machinery, general hardware, and other accessories.

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